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Company idea

        Beginning the company had been established ,it immediately became the first-class MCU and sensor application plan design business and agent .Line of great distance to you. Thus,the company request every staff to complete each matter steadily and surely.In the company,project engineers understand the good or bad points in each model component and each best degsin clue of project ;sells engineers can accurately grasp customer's intentions and recommend the best cost performance solution to the customer. In a word,we not merely as the customes' key vendor,moreover give the best advice to the customer.  

          We fully realized that it's extremely difficult to do well every matter,regardless of the past ,the present, and the future. But,we will all along absorbed in the MCU and the sensor development degsin.Though continuously experiential learning, we believe that our company will become a professional, surefooted ,leading hign teach company in tomorrow.     

Main service :

       The company mainly acts the American FREESCALE MCU ,the SENSOR ,the TaiWan MDT MCU .Among them,,the MDT has made the MCU already 5 years ,to accumulate extremely rich experience and know it's each product very well. We could avoid lack limit,exert its merit with every effort. We always could design the quality reliable product .The FREESCALE MCU and the SENSOR have the extremely high reliability and brand well-knowless, the product series is complete. Now, along with the price reducing, our product is holding the marked rapidly.


The company has already developed various plan successful :

1. Automobile electronic subclass:single and two-way car alarm system ,parking sensor, remotely the windows and doors,central locking system,pressure monitor and so on.. .

2. Home appliances class: The dashboard for air conditioning and the remote controller,induction cooker ,the soybean milk machine, the water heater , remotely the windows and doors.

3.Flash lamp and the advertisement adornment : seven colored lanterns ,run lanterns, gradually change lamp, synchronization lamp.

4.The peripheral equipment of computer: mechanical mouse keyboard,wireless mouse keyboard , optical mouse keyboard.

5All kinds of instrumentations

Mesh point construction :

        In order to supply better, quicker serivice,pull closer with the customer in spatial and time distance. The company decide to set up service mesh point in the main city and area.

        At present, The company has established the mesh point in XinSaige electronic city,TianHe reach,GuangZhou and pinghu south china city,ShenZhen. Other areas are stepwise evaluating and building .Once the conditions are ripe,we will construct as soon as possible. In near future, where has the market request, where has our service spot.

        Our objective is: Never anytime and anywhere,entire day for the customer's request.


C-1907,souh of HuaDiRd30.Fang Village.LIWan area guangzhou

Tel:020- 81515320  81628310  81628937 81628975 81628976  13060616171 13719208767

dayriver branch compay

B3363-3365 xinsaige electronic city dayriver guangzhou


shenzhen branch company

P01-106 .south china electronic city 1 street pinghu shenzhen

Tel:0755- 89638906 33621106

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